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Transformers and the Iconic Cars

Transformers and the Iconic Cars

'91 Lamborghini DiabloYou might think that the Transformers vehicles are limited to the hot yellow Chevy Camaro, the big semi truck cab, the Hummer, and the Pontiac Solstice. Those who are new to the world of Transformers are often surprised to find out that there are several different versions of the characters that change from recognizable vehicles to powerful robots. These are a few of the most iconic vehicles in the Transformer universe:

Lamborghini Diablo: The Autobots character named Sideswipe appeared in several Transformer versions as a Lamborghini Diablo. Interestingly, a few toy watchdog organizations thought that Sideswipe was too violent and should not be marketed to children. Even though Sideswipe was the better known, it was considered a twin to Lamborghini Countach named Sunstreaker. The Lamborghini Diablo actually had its own animated Transformer movie, too.

Volkswagen Beetle: Modern fans of Transformers know that Bumblebee is the sexy yellow Chevy Camaro, but the original Bumblebee was actually a classic Volkswagen Beetle. In the original version and modern version, Bumblebee is still a favorite character with a caring personality.

Nissan 280ZX: This was an unexpected character, since no municipality had a Nissan 280ZX as a police car in 1980s. Prowl was the name of the Transformer that served as a police car that would listen for anything and everything.

'75 Pontiac Trans AmPorsche 911: In the modern movies, Jazz was a Pontiac Solstice, but the in the classic Transformers, Jazz was a Porsche 911. The car was switched to a GM product to fit with the Camaro and Hummer in modern movies. In both cases, Jazz was good with music and would use its sound system to distract the enemy. In the early shows, Jazz had serious weaponry like a photon gun and flamethrower.

Pontiac Trans Am: In the Transformers Minibots edition, a few different Trans Ams are featured as characters. Windchanger and Tailgate are the two Trans Ams. Interestingly, Windchanger was the fastest of the Minibots, but Tailgate was often found cruising slowly at 55 because it was so busy thinking about going fast.

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